Ayurvedic and Natural Ways to Remove Blackheads on Face or Nose.

What are Blackheads? Blackheads, also known as open comedones are tiny, dark spots that appear on the surface of your skin. Blackheads are blocked pores in the skin that are filled with skin debris or keratin and sebum, an oily substance. Blackheads occur mainly on the face and nose and are a common problem among […]

grooming Eyebrows

Eyebrows define the lines of one’s face especially eyes. When you thread or pluck your brows, the shape of your eyebrows can change your facial appearance. Some of us are fortunate enough to be born with well defined and shaped brows, while the rest of us have thick brows or ‘unibrows’ which need to be […]


Eyes are the “Mirror of the soul” – clichéd but true! You would want your eyes – the main feature of your face to sparkle with good health and happiness. Dull, lifeless and bloodshot eyes are the result of many factors – illness, fatigue, inadequate diet and dryness. The whites appear pinkish or greenish yellow […]

Eyelash Extension

We grow up watching Disney fairies and princesses who have eyes like rubies tipped with eyelashes that are long and thick like feathers and as dark as ebony. With time, the desire to actually own those looks grew too. Today – modern science has made that dream come true – by bringing eyelash extensions into […]

Eyes Puffiness

Eye puffiness or swelling around the eyes is a condition of the skin around the eyes that looks puffy, dark, tired and wrinkled. This happens due to many conditions like stress overload, hangovers, itching around the eyes, eye pain, vision changes, lack of sleep and so on. Natural beauty tips offer treatment to avoid eye […]

Deep Sunken Eyes.

Sunken eyes are a common condition that occurs around the eyes as we age. This is also caused due to other reasons such as stress, dehydration, poor diet or lack of sleep. People with sunken eyes can look very unhealthy and exhausted. Natural home remedies offer some treatments that can help get rid of deep […]

Eyes Dark Circles.

Dark circles are common and almost everyone has these bluish grey shadows under their eyes at some point. They are a sign of fatigue due to lack of sleep, or stress, or illness. At times they are inherited and these don’t clear up, but you can definitely lighten them. The skin becomes thin with age […]

List of Goverment Ayurved Colleges and Universities in Gujarat.

List of Goverment Ayurved Colleges 1.Govt. Akhandanand Ayurved College, Bhadra, A’ bad, Contact No. 079-25507808, 25507796 Type: Govt. Ayurved Uni., Jamnagar Fees: Rs. 1,000 Seats: 75 2.Govt. Ayurved College, Ajwa Road, Out side Panigate, Vadodara. Contact No.0265-2562004 Type: Govt. Ayurved Uni., Jamnagar Fees: Rs. 1,000 Seats:Awaited 3.Govt. Sheth J.P Ayurveda coll.,Opp. Sardar Bag, Bhavnagar. Contact […]

List of Nursing Institutes in Gujarat

1. College of Nursing, Civil Hospital Campus, Ahmedabad-380016. Phone:079-22681406 Type:Govt Fees: Rs. 145 Seats:60 2. College of Nursing, S.S.G. Hospital Campus, Vadodara-390002 Phone: 0265-2423194 Type: Govt. Fees Per Annual: Rs. 145 Seats: 50 3. College of Nursing, G.G. Hospital Campus, Jamnagar. Phone: 0288-2541824 , 0288-2660269 Fees Per Annual: Rs. 145 Seats: 40 4. Govt College […]

List of Medical College in Gujarat.

1.B.J Medical College Ahmedabad Phone: 079-26580074,26581024 Fax: 079-22148356 Email: bjmclis@dataone.in 2.B.K. Modi Govt. Pharmacy College, Rajkot Phone: 02717-241900-904 Fax: 02717-241916 Email: director.ip@nir 3.C.U Shah Medical College, Surendranagar, Phone: 02752-256001-05 Fax: 02752-256006 Email: mail@cushahmedicalcollege.org 4.Faculty of Technology & Engineering, Baroda, Phone: 0265-2791179 Fax: 0265-2793229 5.Government Medical College Bhavnagar Phone: 0278-2422011, 2430808 Fax: 0278-2422011 Email: mcbhavnagar@email.com 6.Government […]